Android 12 Causes Issues For Some Pixel Smartphone Owners

AH Android 12

Some Pixel owners are having issues with the Android 12 update, it seems. As most of you know, Google started rolling out Android 12 to Pixel smartphones a couple of days ago, when it launched its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro handsets.

Android 12 seems to be causing issues for Pixel users

Those two phones come with Android 12 pre-installed, but the update is rolling out to many other Pixel handsets. Well, quite a few complaints have been issued by Pixel smartphone users, as they seem to be having issues after the update.

A user named Sarthak Bhatia, who owns the Pixel 4a 5G, said that the “apps are crashing continuously and the battery is draining very fast” after the update.


Another user, named Tony Rutkowski, says that his Pixel 5 continues to crash despite the fact he did several factory resets. He said that he did a factory reset, and restored the backup, but that the device crashes as soon as the display appears.

The Pixel 3 seems to be having issues as well, as he seems to be having the same issue as the aforementioned Pixel 5 user. He is guessing it’s the issue with the Pixel Launcher, based on the pop-ups before the phone restarts.

Raymond B., a Pixel 4 user, says that he’s having issues with face unlocking the Pixel 4. He says that after some time the feature stops working, and that he should clean the sensor. After he reboots the phone, it works for a couple of hours, and then stops again.


Random app crashes and battery drain issues have been reported the most

Random app crashes and battery drain seem to be quite common amongst the reports. Google is guessing it could be related to third-party apps. Users have tried clearing the cache, and booting into safe mode, but as soon as they return to regular mode, the problems continue.

Such issues are to be expected with such a major update, and we cannot really see the true scope of them based on these reports. Such issues are usually not widespread. Regardless, Google is expected to issue a patch to try and help remedy such problems.