Amazon Echo Frames Gain One-Tap Calling & More New Features

Amazon Echo Frames Smart Glasses 2020 Featured Image AH

Amazon is updating its Echo Frames smart glasses with a handful of new features. The Alexa-powered eyeglasses, which come equipped with microphones and speakers, are adding a feature called Top Contact that lets you quickly call contact of your choice. The Amazon Echo Frames already let you take calls, or even make calls via Alexa. But with the latest addition, you can set a priority contact and quickly call them by long-pressing the touchpad, like a speed dial on a smartphone. No need to summon Alexa to make the call.

Of course, you’ll be able to use this shortcut for only one contact at a time. Meaning, you’ll need to take to the traditional way of making calls through Echo Frames if you want to call someone else, i.e. activate Alexa. But it’s still a nice ability to have at your disposal.

Speaking of Alexa, Amazon now lets Echo Frames owners switch the digital assistant wake word from “Alexa” to “Echo”. You can do so from device settings in the Alexa app on a connected smartphone.


The other notable new feature coming to Echo Frames is the ability to automatically wake up from sleep mode. Your Amazon smart glasses will now wake up as soon as you put them on. Turning the glasses upside down already puts them into sleep mode.

Amazon is also enhancing the Auto Volume feature. The Echo Frames will now adjust the volume based on the ambient sound throughout a listening session. The glasses previously only did so at the beginning and played the media in the same volume unless you manually adjust it.

Lastly, Amazon says Echo Frames will support hands-free text messaging on iOS in the “coming months”. This feature is already available on Android smartphones.


Amazon Echo Frames are now available in more colors

In addition to the new features, Amazon is also refreshing Echo Frames with new color options. The company is introducing “Quartz Grey” and “Pacific Blue” color variants of the smart glasses. They will be available in a variety of lens options: prescription-ready lenses, sunglasses, and blue-light-filtering lenses. Moreover, the existing Modern Tortoise color variant will also be available in sunglasses and blue-light-filtering lens options.

With the latest additions, the Echo Frames are now available in 13 different color and lens combinations. The Amazon smart glasses cost $250 with prescription-ready lenses. They cost $270 with polarized sunglasses or blue-light-filtering lenses.

Amazon says the new color variants will begin shipping to customers on November 10th. The new features will also roll out on the same day. All of the new features will be available to both new and existing Echo Frames customers.


Amazon Echo Frames quartz grey pacific blue colors