Amazon's Clubhouse Competitor May Let You Be The Host And DJ

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It looks like Clubhouse just can’t catch a break, as now a trillion-dollar company is moving in on its turf. According to The Verge, Amazon has been silently working on its Clubhouse competitor codenamed Project Mic, and this app may have a trick up its sleeve. This platform may let you actually DJ your rooms.

Project Mic will be different from other Clubhouse competitors

As soon as Clubhouse started hitting it big, it faced big competition from the likes of Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter right off the bat. Now, Amazon is making its own app, and it will offer live audio rooms.

However, Amazon’s take will have a different focus. Project Mic will be centered around music, as opposed to speech like other Clubhouse competitors. What the company is going for here is letting the user create a radio show rather than a podcast. You’ll be able to chit-chat with others just like on other platforms, but you’ll also be able to program music into your live shows.


Amazon has been contacting artists, musicians, and record labels over the past couple of months. This is most likely to have a group of popular people to showcase the app when it launches. Not only that, but according to Axios, Amazon will also have a focus on live music performances and events.

People may be able to tune into live concerts and other events from the app. This means that Project Mic will have something that sets it apart from the other Clubhouse competitors; indeed, this sets it apart from Clubhouse as well.

You’ll be able to tune in several ways

Amazon has a host of different ways you can listen to the content. First and foremost, you’ll have the proprietary app which will be the most straightforward way. Users will also be able to listen via the Amazon Music app and through Audible.


Surprisingly, Twitch is also on this list which begs the question: “Will there eventually be a video element to this?” Who knows if, down the line, people will be able to show video performances on Twitch with an audience watching along?

We can’t forget about Alexa; you will be able to use Alexa-equipped devices to search for your audio rooms by voice. There will even be a way to listen to these rooms in your car, though there isn’t much information on that.

It seems that Amazon is looking to create more than just a Clubhouse clone. It wants to bring the spirit of radio to a broader mainstream market. It’ll be easier for aspiring radio hosts to get their start.