A Hacker Just Leaked, Well, ALL Of Twitch

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Large-scale information leaks from big companies happen all the time. A recent Twitch leak, however, just took it to a whole new level. As recently as Monday, an anonymous hacker just leaked the entire source code from Twitch, according to VGC.

The hacker posted a 125GB torrent file to 4Chan

The unknown hacker was able to breach Twitch’s defenses and post a hefty 125GB file. This large file was then posted to 4Chan. Twitch confirms that this happened as early as Monday.

Sources claim that the torrent file consists of the platform’s source code, creator payout information from 2019, information on a Twitch competitor named Vapor, information on all of the properties that Twitch owns, internal ‘red teaming’ tools, Proprietary SDKs, and internal AWS services.

Some sources also state that people were able to find encrypted passwords amid the sea of data. Users should definitely change their passwords or enable two-factor authentication.


Needless to say, having your login information out for the world to see isn’t great. However, for the time being, there haven’t been any reports of hacked accounts.

The hacker leaked Twitch creator payout reports

One of the more interesting talking points about this whole Twitch leak is the fact that the hacker uncovered how much people were being paid. They found that the top Twitch streamers made a hefty sum over the course of a few months.

The top 81 streamers on the platform accrued millions of dollars since August of 2019, which is just about every streamer’s goal. According to the report, Critical Role made more than $9 million since that date.

The hacker sounds like a vigilante

This didn’t seem like it was a random attack for the fun of it. The hacker, though they’re anonymous, did make a statement. They said that they leaked Twitch to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space.” They went on to say, “their community is a disgusting toxic cesspool.”


Clearly, the hacker has a vendetta against Twitch. Either they truly believe that the Twitch community is toxic and that doing so will help the world in some way, or they were burned by Twitch at some point and are exacting revenge.

Either way, this is bad news for the millions of users who use the platform on the daily. Right now, it seems that Twitch itself is at a bigger risk than its users, but this still shouldn’t be taken lightly.