Don't Miss Out On Your Free 5-Day Preview Of HBO MAX & Cinemax From YouTube TV!

hbo max billboard

YouTube TV is offering a free 5-day trial of HBO MAX and Cinemax for all of its subscribers, starting tomorrow, September 23. It’ll last from Thursday, through Monday, September 27. Allowing you to watch all kinds of movies and TV shows you might not normally watch, for free.

YouTube TV does typically do a free preview of some of its paid network offerings from time to time. Though, they are usually around holiday weekends, and not on a random weekend in late-September. But, it’s still nice to have.

So if you are scrolling through YouTube TV this weekend and notice that there are some additional channels you didn’t have before, that is why.


How do I get this free preview?

The free preview is automatically available for everyone. Just open YouTube TV and you will see content available from HBO MAX and Cinemax, if you don’t already subscribe to them.

It’s worth mentioning that if you decide to record some movies from these channels, but don’t normally subscribe to them, those recordings will disappear when the preview is over on Monday. In order to access recordings from premium channels like Cinemax, you have to have an active subscription to the service.

The only downside here is that not all of the HBO MAX content is available on YouTube TV. But hey, it’s free, so we can’t complain to much.


HBO MAX normally costs $14.99, while Cinemax would normally cost $9.99 per month. So this is a pretty good free preview to take advantage of.

The reason for this free preview is to give you a taste of what HBO MAX and Cinemax offer, in hopes of you subscribing to them, through YouTube TV. It’s unclear how well this works for YouTube TV, but we’ll still take the free content, while it lasts, of course.