YouTube TV Adds 6 More Sports Channels To Its $11 'Sports Plus' Package

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YouTube TV has added a handful of new channels to its Sports Plus package, which costs $10.99 per month. Six channels were added, without raising prices, so that’s good news all around.

These are the new channels that were added to the Sports Plus package: beIN Sports, Billiards TV. Outside TV+, Players TV, PokerGO+, SportsGrid, Stadium College Sports, and VSiN.

This brings the total number of channels included in this add-on to 14. Making it a bit more worth it at $11 per month. Though these are pretty niche sports networks, so it may not be for everyone. The bigger sports networks are still available in the regular YouTube TV package though.


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Still no regional sports networks

YouTube TV still has not brought back regional sports networks from Sinclair. The Fox Sports Networks (now Bally) were removed about a year ago, after Sinclair picked them up from Disney when it bought Fox. The reason is because Sinclair wants more money than YouTube TV (and most other streaming services want to pay). Currently, only DIRECTV Stream has these networks available, though that might not be much longer.

Don’t expect for YouTube TV to get these networks back, as Sinclair wants to make its own streaming service with these regional sports networks. Which is going to be interesting, since the rumor has the price pegged at about $20 per month for these networks. That’s a lot of money for effectively one channel. Unless, Sinclair decides to make it available to everyone, regardless of where you live.

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YouTube TV is continuing to add more and more channels to its service, without upping the cost. Which is still set at $64.99 per month. And I think that’s about the ceiling of where YouTube TV can go without really alienating its customers and losing them. But it is adding more add-ons that you can add, but don’t have to add.