You Can Bundle Showtime & Paramount+ For Just $10/Month

ParamountPlus Showtime Bundle

When CBS All Access was rebranded to Paramount+ earlier this year, ViacomCBS announced that it would offer a bundle for Paramount+ and Showtime. Now, that bundle is finally available. To celebrate the launch of this bundle, you can get it for just $9.99 per month.

There are two bundles available: Paramount+ Essentials and Showtime for $9.99 per month, or Paramount+ Premium Ad-Free Plan and Showtime for $12.99 per month. Of course, the latter offers ad-free, as well as your local CBS affiliate, and the ability to download shows to watch later on.

ViacomCBS is still offering a one-week free trial with these bundles, but only for new Paramount+ customers.


It’s important to note that this is a special “introductory price” and the price will go up after October 20, 2021. These bundles will normally be $13.99 and $18.99 respectively. As it currently stands, with Paramount+ Essentials, you’re basically getting it for free and only paying for Showtime.

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This could help Showtime land more original content

Showtime has an issue with original content. And that is the fact that it is not investing a whole lot in original content. Whereas Netflix is spending billions of dollars on original content every year. Then there’s HBO MAX which has an entire movie studio – WarnerMedia – behind it. But with this new bundle, it could get more users onto Showtime, and force ViacomCBS to spend more on original content for this premium service.


Of course, Showtime does also have a ton of great movies that it has licensed, and a bevy of original content. But it doesn’t really stack up to what Netflix, HBO MAX and others offer right now. But, Showtime is pretty similar in price – coming in at $9.99 per month. Fingers crossed that bundling it with Paramount+ will get more eyes on Showtime and thus talk its parent company into investing more in content.

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