Xiaomi 'Pure Mode' Will Allow You To Block Sideloading Apps

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Xiaomi is working on a brand new feature called ‘Pure Mode’, which will allow you to block sideloading apps. App sideloading is one of Android’s advantages versus iOS, so why block it? Well, there’s a good reason for it.

Xiaomi ‘Pure Mode’ will allow you to ban app sideloading for security purposes

The most important reason why you may want to block app sideloading is for security purposes. Third-party APKs can contain malicious code, though if you get it through proper channels, the risks are minuscule.

Still, regular consumers have no interest in app sideloading, and ‘Pure Mode’ could provide them an additional layer of security. This mode will basically make it possible to install apps from the Google Play Store only.


Luckily, Xiaomi is not planning to ban sideloading altogether, ‘Pure Mode’ will be purely optional. Many Android users value APK sideloading for a number of reasons, and want to keep that feature.

App sideloading has a number of benefits for tech savvy users

There are many compelling Android apps out there that are not allowed on the Play Store due to Google’s rules. Such apps can be downloaded on the side, and installed manually aka sideloaded.

Also, thanks to sideloading, you can grab any app version you want, and install it manually. You may want to do that to avoid a new bug that popped up in your favorite app, or you may want to try out a beta version of a particular app.


Sideloading apps is a core Android feature, and it’s good to see Xiaomi isn’t planning on banning it completely. ‘Pure Mode’ will arrive to Chinese users first. In other words, it will arrive to the Chinese version of MIUI first.

The China-only beta tests of ‘Pure Mode’ began quite recently, and will last until September 10. 1,000 users will get it every day, as Xiaomi plans to expand this test on a daily basis. Once the feature is ready, it will arrive to the Chinese version of MIUI, and ultimately to the global version as well.