You Might Have Access To Cloud Gaming On Your Xbox Today

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The cloud gaming console beta for Xbox owners, which includes the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, is starting to open up to players today. Microsoft officially announced the cloud beta for console earlier this year. Noting that availability would be sometime in the Fall/towards the end of 2021.

It seems that day has finally arrived for some owners of either generation console. This is the same cloud gaming feature that’s been hanging around Android for over a year now. PC players with the Xbox app just received access earlier this month. Keep in mind you’ll need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber to access the cloud gaming feature.

Also worth noting is that not all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One owners will get access right away.


The Xbox console cloud beta begins with a smaller group

Initially, Microsoft isn’t going to open the flood gates for any and all Xbox console owners. Instead, it’s starting to open up access to a smaller group of Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Insiders. The selection process is “random,” and access began earlier this morning following the announcement.

Microsoft is going to expand on the beta access eventually. Noting that more Insiders will have access over time. The company does not however mention any specific time frames. So if you’re not an Alpha Skip-Ahead member or an Alpha Insider, keep your eye on those emails from Xbox in the coming weeks and months.

Expect a few bugs

As with all betas there’s bound to be a bug or two. For this beta, Microsoft says there are a few known issues to look out for. One notable known issue is that some players may not be able to launch and play games that are part of a bundle. Such as Forza Horizon 4 or Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


There’s also no support for in-game purchases on console. However, those purchases can still be made through the Xbox website or in the Xbox Store on the console outside of the game. Microsoft notes that you’ll have to exit the game and restart it for changes to take root.