Twitter Testing Timeline With Edge-To-Edge Picture & Video

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For some, 180-characters for a tweet can be a limitation on Twitter to present their views. In such cases, pictures and videos become important if you wish to spread some visceral message. Advertisers love them too and keeping that in mind, Twitter is reportedly testing edge-to-edge picture and video tweets.

Notably, the benefit of this edge-to-edge video and picture tweet feature will allow advertisers or users to create full screen media content for the platform.

This feature would be similar to what we have on Instagram. On Instagram, you can post full screen photos and videos in the timeline. Even the ads are shown in full screen, giving it a symmetrical appearance to other contents on the platform.


In an official Twitter announcement, the company tweeted that it is currently testing this new edge-to-edge tweets feature providing extra room for videos and pictures on Twitter.

Along with providing extra real-estate for media content, Twitter is also addressing the issue of image cropping, which it has been dealing with for quite some time now.

Though Twitter tried addressing the issue by removing the photo cropping feature. However, it becomes more effective with the introduction of the edge-to-edge style for media content.


Twitter edge-to-edge video and picture test is limited to iOS users, for now

According to Twitter (via The Verge), the edge-to-edge video and picture test is currently limited to iOS users for now. Besides, it is appearing only for a limited set of iOS users.

The addition of this new feature is meant to give equal emphasis to both the text messages and media content on Twitter, as per the company.

Twitter shared a tweet including a video preview of how this new feature looks like. By looking at the video preview, it definitely adds character to the platform, as everything now seems in symmetry.


However, there will be many users who will not like this new edge-to-edge feature, because, at the core, Twitter is a text-based platform. Users like to scroll through their conversations or discussions quickly, but edge-to-edge video and pictures would slightly hamper this experience.

We would like users to hold their horses and don’t jump to conclusions. As the implementation of new things is always a bit difficult, but later people get used to it.

Besides, there is no clarity if Twitter will actually add this edge-to-edge media feature to its platform or not. Nor there is a tentative release date on when it will arrive or began testing on other operating systems.