Twitter To Let Users Remove Followers, Archive Tweets & Hide Likes

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Twitter earlier this week announced a new privacy feature called Safety Mode to protect users from unwanted and potentially harmful replies or mentions on the platform. It appears there are many more privacy-related features in the pipeline. According to a Bloomberg report, the social media biggie is preparing various tools that will let users remove followers, hide likes, archive older tweets, and more.

Additionally, Twitter will also start prompting users to review “whether their accounts are public or private” this month. The company says many users aren’t aware of the various privacy features it offers. Effectively, they engage less on Twitter because “they don’t know what other people will be able to see about them.”

Twitter is preparing several new privacy features

The latest report says that Twitter will soon let users edit their followers’ lists to remove a follower. Users can already do so by blocking and unblocking the person. But, as said earlier, many users aren’t aware of that. Or perhaps that isn’t the ideal way to remove someone from your followers’ list. Twitter told Bloomberg that the new tool comes in response to this “creative workaround” people have been using to remove followers. It will simplify things as users no longer have to go through multiple processes. Twitter will reportedly start testing this feature this month.


Another privacy feature that Twitter plans to start testing before the end of this year is the ability to leave a conversation. If someone mentions you in a public conversation you don’t want to participate in or be associated with, you’ll be able to un-mention yourself.

Twitter also plans to let you hide the tweets you’ve liked from the public. You will be able to select who can see those tweets. You can select between everyone, your followers, and a custom group of users. The company doesn’t have a timeframe as to when this feature could be ready for testing.

Lastly, Twitter is mulling with the idea of letting users archive old tweets. The company plans to offer multiple time range options like 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and a full year after which a tweet will be automatically hidden. It will be visible to the tweet author but not anyone else. This feature is still a concept though and doesn’t have a launch date.


Back in March, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had said that “rolling out new tools more quickly was now a companywide goal”. So we hope these newly-announced tools will be available to the public sooner than later.