Twitter Takes On Facebook Groups With Its Invite-Only Communities

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Twitter is launching Communities, an “alternate timeline” where you’ll find like-minded individuals tweeting on the same topic. The feature works a lot like Facebooks Groups or subreddits on Reddit, a house for people who share specific interests. And like these platforms, Communities are also self-moderated spaces within Twitter.

Users can join a Community of their interest such as skincare, photography, astrology, technology, cryptocurrency, and many, many more and share ideas and thoughts with fellow members of that group. You can select whether you want to send a tweet to all your followers or only to the members of a particular Community. If you chose the latter, only the member of that group will be able to react to it, though the tweet could also be visible to other users.

Communities are currently invite-only but Twitter plans to add more ways for people to discover them in the future. Moderators can send as many invites as they want, or remove a member anytime. Other members of the Community can also send out up to five invites. These rules can change down the line, of course.


Twitter Communities is another example of social media platforms trying to be everything

It’s no secret that social media companies tend to imitate their rivals and copy features from them. YouTube launching short-form videos “Shorts” and TikTok expanding to longer videos is one of the best examples of it. The meteoric rise of the audio-based social networking app Clubhouse over the past year or so also made the likes of Twitter come up with their own competing product, called Spaces. Facebook’s Neighborhoods is also a Nextdoor clone.

There are many more such examples where one company takes inspiration from a rival for a new product. After all, everyone wants to be everything so users aren’t leaving their platform for a rival because they lack certain features. Twitter’s Communities is another such copied feature, taking inspiration from Facebook’s Groups as well as subreddits on Reddit.

Twitter Communities is currently in testing on iOS and the web version. The company says it will be available to Android users soon. If you’re interested in creating your own community on Twitter, the company has a Communities interest form where you can submit your interest. You will require to enter your Twitter username, email, and the subject of your Community.


“What would your Community be focused on? What kind of people would be most likely to join?” Twitter asks. If approved, you will be the moderator of that Community.

Twitter plans to add new Communities every week. So we can expect this feature to grow pretty soon. Stay tuned for the official news on Android support for the latest Twitter feature.