Top 7 Plagiarism Checker Apps To Use For Android

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Today finding or better said detecting plagiarism is mandatory for so many people. Plagiarism is a huge issue that can affect your grades, your education, and also so much more. Software for this purpose does exist and you can even have it on your Android phone. Below we are going to discuss checker tools that run on Android OS and come in the form of apps. You can use any one of these if you like and get countless perks. The possibilities are endless and the methods are different but you will detect plagiarism in seconds.

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Plagiarism Checker

The option here is extremely simple to use and runs on any Android. You can find plagiarism within seconds. The best way to do this is to upload DOCX, PDF, or text file and scan it. Any plagiarism will be detected instantly and you can address it. Checking takes just a couple of seconds and it is extremely accurate. You will enjoy using this option. Paid version is even better as you can assume. In addition, the checker will indicate or reveal the website from which the content was taken.


It is another option here. You can convert all the text and use it. You can also work with the solution to get the best result. All documents are supported. In addition, the option here supports all search engines and can be used on older devices. It is essential for all people who write. It is free as well which makes it even better.



It can be used to test your content. However, this is a more powerful option than you may believe. It is developed for SEO users so you can see the importance and the effect. It is an extremely effective option and the one we liked a lot. One thing that must be mentioned is that you can rewrite the content automatically and it does save a lot of time.

Document plagiarism checker

The app here allows you to scan up to 5000 words and detect any plagiarism within seconds. The checker works well and it is extremely fast and reliable. All students, teachers, and all who write will need to use it on a daily basis. It is one of those apps that can be ideal for all who like to write and who will write on a daily basis. As you would expect, you can upload a file and scan it or you can paste it from another source.

Other options you can use to write better

There are a lot of other things on the web that can help you with the task. Here is a small list that will help you work better and get mandatory skills. All students should consider these.


It is the oldest and the best way to detect plagiarism. Copyscape has been used by billions and it is ranked as number one here today. This is the case due to the accuracy and simplicity. You can detect any kind of plagiarism instantly. It is a comprehensive program that works excellent in any single case.



This is a sophisticated and advanced detection option that has no match these days. As a user, you can use their website, an app, or add-ons for Windows Word and a few other programs. As you may know Grammarly will test your grammar and help you with real sentences and papers in general. Grammar will be tested in all features of the program.


Here you can check the text as well and use that to your advantage. Keep in mind that this is a professional service provider who can help you with all kinds of writing and testing tasks you can imagine. At Papersowl.com users get all kinds of perks and important helpful details when needed.


This can be an ideal solution for most of us. As you can see Plagiarisma is easy to use and allows you to check articles online, load them from Online Drive, and in any other text option. Checks are fast and reliable. All the content is tested instantly. It is important to add that the content can be tested for 2 different web explorers.

C.A Apps: Plagiarism Checker

There are a few things we would like to share about this option here. Writers have been using it for a long time and we can see great plagiarism detection. You can see all duplicate content using all kinds of file formats out there. In other words, your paper will be 100% unique which is the main idea. The apps work well with Google and other platforms. You can test a text every single day and this applies to all users. It is free.


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Plagiarism Checker & Detector – Duplichecker App

This detection tool is like no other. It can be used for any article and you have limits per day. The app works well with Drive and also Dropbox which is an advantage. You can see the history, details and so much more. It is available at the store right now and you can download it for free and test it on a text file. It will also present or reveal the websites which contain the original content which is mandatory these days. Checks are fast and accurate.

Plagiarism remover

Basically, it is similar to the other options above but does a few other things. You can use it for free to check grammar as well. Multiple file support is available and plagiarism will be discovered in a second. It works on any Android device. All the plagiarized content will be paired with the amazing engine of the app. After discovery, you can check it out and correct all the issues.

The final word

These options will help you discover plagiarism instantly and help you even more by correcting it. There are no issues left after that so you can focus your attention on more essential things. Make sure you check all the options here and find the ones you like the most. It is a useful trick to use right now.