If You've Got Tiny Hands, Get This Tiny Gaming Mouse From SteelSeries

SteelSeries Prime Mini

SteelSeries makes a whole lot of different equipment for gaming, and now you can add tiny gaming mice for tiny hands to that list with the Prime Mini.

This new mouse from SteelSeries is a smaller, more lightweight version of the already popular Prime mouse. A gaming mouse which it launched earlier this year, boasting features like optical magnetic switches and feedback on form and function from over 100 Esports pros.

Essentially the Prime Mini exists to serve what is likely a very large portion of the market. People with smaller hands. Listen, not everyone is a giant with hands that can effortlessly palm a basketball. People with smaller hands want to game comfortably too. SteelSeries is here to serve this group of players.


The SteelSeries Prime Mini also comes in a wireless model

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless

Just like with its bigger sibling, the Prime Mini also comes in a wireless version. It’s double the cost of the Prime Mini (which is $60 by the way), but that’s the price you pay for wireless freedom.

As with the Prime Mini, the Prime Mini Wireless is smaller and lighter and than the original Prime Wireless. SteelSeries says that the Prime Mini is 12% lighter, while the Prime Mini Wireless is 9% lighter. It doesn’t give out at any stats about the size reduction, but both mice are stated to be smaller.


Which should give people with smaller hands a mighty comfortable grip for any of their games. When it comes to actual weight, the Prime Mini clocks in at 61g. And the Prime Mini Wireless comes in at 73g. Both mice also feature the same Prestige OM switches as the bigger versions, rated for 100 million clicks. Not only that, but SteelSeries promises that the 100 millionth click, feels just as good as the first click.

Both mice are available today directly from SteelSeries

If you’re looking to fill those tiny hands with a brand-new gaming mouse, head on over to Best Buy’s website to pick one up, or get it directly from SteelSeries. The Prime Mini retails for $59.99, and the Prime Mini Wireless retails for $129.99.

SteelSeries Prime Mini & Prime Mini Wireless