Stadia Has A Strange Bug For Some Android TV Users


A series of reports from users has shed light on a strange bug for Stadia on Android TV. Spotted by 9To5Google, reports on both Reddit and the Stadia Community Forums point out that the Android TV Stadia app has a bug that causes controls to stop working.

The good news is that this isn’t a bug that’s completely destructive. Meaning you can easily give it a temporary fix to continue playing. What’s more is that Google reportedly already knows about the issue. So it’s working on a permanent fix that it intends to implement sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any indication as to how long it will be before the update is ready. Here’s how the bug works, and what to watch out for.


The Stadia Android TV bug only happens with the Stadia controller

First, it seems the bug is only happening with the Stadia controller. So if you use a different game controller for Stadia on your Android TV device, then you should be fine.

The way the bug works is that if you pause a game, the controls will freeze and things appear to be locked up. The temporary fix just requires you to press the Stadia button on the controller to get things working again. Just keep in mind that pausing the game again is likely to lead to more freezing issues with the controls.

Also worth noting is that this may not necessarily be happening to all users. According to the report, the bug is surfacing the most on the Chromecast with Google TV. However, users with other Android TV devices have reported the same problem.


This mainly impacts the directional controls and ABXY buttons

Details of the issue suggest that not all controls on the Stadia controller stop working. It seems to mainly impact the directional controls, like the thumbsticks and the D-Pad, as well as the ABXY buttons.

Bumpers and triggers may still work, and the Stadia button obviously still works as it’s been reported to help the controls back to a functioning state if pressed. If you don’t want to do deal with the issue, aside from waiting to play until Google sends out an actual fix, you’ll need to use a different type of controller. Like the DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless controller for example.