Spotify Now Lets You Personalize Your Playlist Recommendations

Spotify AH NS 04

Spotify has a new feature being introduced called Enhance, and it lets you add a personalized touch to your playlist recommendations. The feature is intended for users that might need some inspiration for adding songs. Though you can certainly still use it if you’re pretty good at putting together the perfect Spotify playlist.

Enhance is only available for Spotify Premium subscribers. If that’s you, you should see a new Enhance button pop up in the playlist UI within the Spotify app. Spotify has made it rather easy to find too. The button will be all the way at the top of the playlist once you enter it. To the left of the Play button. Meaning it should be one of the first things you set eyes on.

You can also tell which playlists are already enhanced as the button will switch to the Enhanced label.


Spotify Enhance will suggest songs that match others in the playlist

Spotify’s recommendations already work pretty well. Considering they do their best to surface music that is similar to stuff you already listen to. Having said that, you might have put together a playlist based on tracks that are fairly similar in sound.

And the last thing you want is a recommendation that feels out of place. Enhance will work to suggest songs that match the others already in the playlist. Spotify says recommendations will pop up after every couple of tracks. And for a maximum of 30 recommendations throughout the entire playlist.

So if your playlist has a lot more than that in it already, the recommendations shouldn’t feel like they’re overpowering your direct additions.


The new Enhance feature should start rolling out as of today. But it’s also not hitting all users all at once. And it won’t be available in every single market right away. It’ll be rolling out to Android and iOS users in select markets over the course of the next month. So some users may see it this week and others may not see it till much later in the month.

Supported markets include the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, much of Europe, Australia and more. You can read the full list of supported countries on Spotify’s original post.