The PS5 Gets A HUGE Update Tomorrow With M.2 SSD Support

Sony PS5 Review 2

The PS5 has always had support for the M.2 SSD for expandable storage, but that function wasn’t actually usable until the beta software update earlier this year.

For the last couple of months, users who installed the beta software update have been enjoying more storage on their PS5 with an M.2 SSD.  And It looks like Sony is finally ready to open the feature up for all PS5 owners.

Starting tomorrow, Sony has confirmed that a massive update is on the way. The star of the show – the expanded storage slot unlocking for use. If you’re not sure how to add expanded storage to your PS5, you can check out our how to guide on installing more storage. The process is simpler than you’d think and it doesn’t take long.


The PS5 September system update includes more than M.2 SSD storage expansion

In short, what users are getting here is really all the same stuff that’s been available with the beta for months now. But, with a few extras. The big feature, as noted above, is of course the M.2 storage expansion. Allowing users to install an M.2 NVMe SSD into their console.

Keep in mind though that only certain drives will work. There’s currently a somewhat short list of options, and drives need to meet certain requirements. More drives will be added in the future. In addition to the storage expansion, the system update also includes improvements to audio. Specifically Sony’s 3D Audio for TV speakers.

For those that hate wearing headsets all the time, this will make the sound in your games feel more real and immersive. With that same spatial quality you get with the headphone side of things. There’s also a number of UX enhancements and some updates to the mobile app.


The PS Remote Play app now supports mobile data connections

Sony’s Remote Play feature was initially launched as a way for you to stream your games from your console to a second screen. It required the use of a pretty beefy network to get the best experience. Since then the quality of it has improved, and Sony is launching its next big feature for it.

The ability to use Remote Play over a mobile data connection. Sony does set some expectations, or rather, requirements, for you to use mobile data for Remote Play. It has to offer at least 5Mbps download speeds, even though Sony recommends 15Mbps download and upload. The chosen device also has to be supported.

Players can also configure the stream resolution in a bid to help them manage their mobile data consumption, if the need is there. The update should arrive tomorrow sometime earlier in the day.