September Update Released To US Carrier Versions Of Galaxy Note 20

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The September 2021 Android security patch is now rolling out to the carrier versions of Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 20 series in the US. Both the vanilla Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra are currently picking up this month’s security maintenance release (SMR) on all major wireless networks across the nation. The new firmware version is N981USQS2DUH3 and N986U1UES2DUH3 for the two devices respectively. The build number may vary according to your network carrier though.

Samsung last week confirmed that the September SMR contains fixes for more than five dozen vulnerabilities found in Android OS as well as its custom skin, i.e. One UI. Those vulnerabilities had varying risk levels, with the company saying at least three of them were “critical” issues.

Almost two dozen of the patched issues were Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items. These are security flaws that only affect Samsung smartphones and tablets. One such SVE allowed improper access control in Bluetooth APIs, enabling untrusted applications to get Bluetooth information, Samsung said. The latest SMR also fixes a couple of BlockChain related issues on Samsung devices.


According to SamMobile, the September update could also introduce some One UI 3.1.1 features to the Galaxy Note 20 devices. You can verify the same if you notice a new Bedtime Mode toggle in the quick settings panel. Other underlying changes may include improved thermal management, faster loading of stock apps, and more.

September update reaches the carrier version of the Galaxy Note 20

As has been the story for the past several months, Samsung began rolling out this month’s security update to its devices in the last week of last month. Over the past couple of weeks, the Korean firm has seeded the September SMR to dozens of smartphone models. The company continues to bring the new security patch to more devices, with the carrier versions of the Galaxy Note 20 series in the US being the latest additions. International versions of the phones had received this update last week.

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 device in the US, you should now be able to download the latest update. A notification will prompt you to download the update over the air (OTA). If you haven’t received the notification, you can manually check for updates from your phone’s Settings app. Simply navigate to Software update and tap on Download and install. If there’s an OTA update available for your phone, you will be prompted to download it on the next screen.

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