SEGA Unveils Spotlight Trailer #3 For Sonic Colors Ultimate

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SEGA recently released Sonic Colors Ultimate, a remaster of the 2010 classic. This had Sonic speeding his way through many colorful levels with the help of Wisps. The company just showed off a new spotlight trailer for the Sonic Colors Ultimate, showcasing some of the worlds that players will be taking on.

What is Sonic Colors Ultimate?

SEGA released the original Sonic Colors over a decade ago for the PS3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. The ultimate edition improves on the visual with upscaled graphics and 60fps to fit the newer hardware. The Switch version, unfortunately, doesn’t have 60fps.

Sonic Colors ultimate also features remixed music and a new game mode. This mode is called “Rival Rush”, and it has you racing against Metal Sonic through certain stages.


Along with these changes, there’s also a Sonic The Hedgehog Movie character theme. The model itself doesn’t really change to match the movie, but it gains the glowing quills and eyes from the movie.

What’s probably the biggest addition that came along with the remaster is a new Wisp. It’s the Jade Ghost Wisp, and it came from Team Sonic Racing. This Wisp grants Sonic the ability to fly through walls to access other parts of the levels.

The issues with Sonic Colors Ultimate

While there’s a lot to love about Sonic Colors Ultimate, the game itself had a really rough launch.  There have been countless complaints of extreme graphical issues that basically make the game unplayable. The bulk of these issues come from the Switch edition of the game; the team in charge of the Switch edition is called Blind Squirrel Games.


These issues consist of disfigured models, severe glitches, and extreme fluctuations in the textures to name a few. SEGA stated that it’s going to look into the game and issue a future patch to help fix these problems.

What levels were showcased in the trailer?

The spotlight trailer showed off six different planets: Tropical Resort, Sweet Mountain, Starlight Carnival, Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park, and Asteroid Coaster.

Tropical Resort looks like a luxurious hotel resort complete with palm trees and a whole tropical aesthetic, while Sweet Mountain is an expansive landscape made up of sweet treats.


Starlight Carnival is a vibrant and color rollercoaster full of flashing lights, and Planet Wisp is a mountainous world full of wide-open spaces and lush vegetation.

Aquarium Park takes you under the waves to a hidden underwater world, and Asteroid Coaster takes you through a dangerous asteroid field among the stars.

If this new trailer makes you want to pick up Sonic Colors Ultimate, you can buy the game on PS4, Xbox One, the Epic game store, and the Nintendo Switch for $39.99. Sadly, it’s not for the PS5 or Xbox Series X.