Samsung Is Not Partnering With Olympus For Galaxy S22 Series

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Samsung is not partnering with Olympus, at least not for the Galaxy S22 series. As some of you know, Samsung and Olympus partnership has been rumored since April this year. It has been mentioned a couple of times since then.

Samsung is not partnering with Olympus after all

That being said, Letsgodigital reached out to Olympus / OM Digital Solutions GmbH, and was given an answer. This Japan-based camera manufacturer confirmed that there is no collaboration between the two companies.

Olympus did not say whether such partnership was even on the table or not, but there you have it. The Galaxy S22 series will not carry an Olympus branding on it, nor any other Samsung phone for that matter, at least not yet.

A number of smartphone OEMs partnered up with camera manufacturers in the past. OnePlus partnered up with Hasselblad, Vivo with ZEISS, and Huawei with Leica. These are only some examples.


Those rumors did seem plausible, to a degree

Those rumors regarding Samsung and Olympus partnership seemed legit, but it seems like it’s not happening after all. That doesn’t mean the two companies won’t partner up in the future, though, we’ll see.

What’s interesting is that the Exynos 2200 SoC is codenamed ‘Olympus’, so… yeah, that may have influenced the rumors in one way or the other.

Samsung will announce three Galaxy S22 smartphones early next year. The Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra are expected to land in January. Samsung is tipped to kick off mass production in November this year.

The Olympus branding was rumored to be present on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and all three phones depending on what rumor you choose to believe. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung will follow the trend and partner up with a camera OEM in the future.


Many popular smartphone OEMs did it, as we already mentioned, but neither Apple nor Samsung have thus far. Both companies produce really compelling camera experiences for their phones, so one may argue that such partnership is unnecessary, well, other than for marketing reasons.