New Galaxy Note Flagship May Launch Next Year After All

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We may get a new Samsung Galaxy Note flagship in 2022 after all. This information comes from a well-known tipster, Ice Universe. He claims that someone from the supply chain “has evidence” that the next-gen Galaxy Note flagship exists.

A recent report suggested that the device may not be coming, as Samsung did not register a name for it. Well, we may get one next year after all, as most reports have been suggesting. Samsung did not completely abandon its Note lineup, it seems.

We may get a new Galaxy Note flagship next year after all

The last Galaxy Note device that launched was the Galaxy Note 20 last year. Samsung never said it has no plans to launch more Galaxy Note devices in the future, but it did confirm that one is not coming in 2021.


The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is supposed to replace the Galaxy Note this year, basically. That foldable even supports a special S Pen this time around, even though you can’t dock it, as you could with the Galaxy Note 20 and a number of earlier models.

Even Samsung’s Koh Dong-jin said a while back that the Galaxy Note series would be back in 2022. Now, even though that was quite some time ago, it seems like Samsung’s plans did not change.

Samsung will probably name it the Galaxy Note 22

We still don’t know what will the phone be called, or when exactly will it launch. We presume that Samsung will go for the Galaxy Note 22 name, and skip the Note 21. The Galaxy Note 21 would be an appropriate name if it launched this year, so it would be best to skip it altogether.

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The Galaxy S22 sales were not as high as Samsung had hoped. Its new foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, are doing really well, though. The lack of a Galaxy Note flagship may affect the company’s sales this year, though.

Samsung is also planning to announce the Galaxy S21 FE in the near future, to offer consumers more choices.