The Pokémon MOBA Is Here To Avert Your Attention From Wild Rift

Pokémon UNITE Screenshots 2

The release of Pokémon Unite is finally here, giving mobile gamers yet another MOBA to sink their teeth into. Technically, the game launches today. So it should be live for most people on the Play Store right now. Having said that, a quick check on the Play Store shows that it’s still pre-registration only for us.

So your mileage may vary if you’re trying to jump in and give the game a test drive right away. Most likely this is because the release of Pokémon Unite is a slow rollout. So it should come up as being available to install for players throughout the remainder of the morning.

The release of Pokémon Unite has some bugs, but there should be a fix soon

According to the official Twitter account for Pokémon Unite, there are some bugs that players may end up running into. Mainly, anyone who pre-registered is supposed to get rewards in-game. But it seems many players haven’t been able to claim these rewards.


The development team is aware of the issue and says that it’s looking into things, and is working on a fix. So while the pre-registration rewards may not be available right away, everyone should get to claim the in-game items eventually.

In addition to the rewards not being available to some players, it appears that some players can’t claim social daily missions. The Pokémon Unite team says this is related to the issue with the pre-registration rewards. So technically it’s all the same overarching problem impacting multiple things.

At the moment there isn’t a timeline for a fix, but the team says it will share more soon. Once it knows more about the problem and can provide a fix for it.



Don’t forget, the game has cross-platform play

The best part about this game is that it has cross-play. Today’s release marks the availability on both Android and iOS. But it’s also available on Nintendo Switch and has been for at least a month now. And you can play with friends across all three platforms if you like.


That should not only make it much quicker to find matches, but you can also enjoy the game more if you have personal friends to play with regardless of their platform choice. If you’re looking for a break from League of Legends: Wild Rift, this should be a fun alternative.