Philips Hue Just Announced A Ton Of New Smart Lights

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While IFA is technically cancelled this year, that’s not stopping companies from making announcements this week, which would typically be IFA. And that includes Philips Hue. Which has just announced a ton of new smart lights, and it’s really about time. We haven’t gotten many new smart lights from Philips Hue in quite some time.

Here’s a quick list of what Philips Hue announced today. New filament bulbs that can change color temperature. Brighter Options for color-temperature changing and full color versions of the standard Hue Bulbs. There’s a new Light Tube for illuminating around your TV. As well as enhanced versions of the Signe floor and table lamps. There’s an upgraded TV-focused lightstrip in the Hue Ambiance Gradient lightstrip. And finally a new ceiling light called Infuse, which is able to change colors and throws a bit of light up onto the ceiling.

These products will be coming out this fall. Philips Hue has not mentioned specific dates just yet. And those will vary based on the region that they are available in.


The Hue app is also getting an update

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Philips Hue also has released an update for the Hue app. In this update, we’re getting a new feature called “dynamic scenes”. This will let lights continually shift colors. And later this fall, the company will be launching a “natural light” scene that will let your lights adjust their color temperature throughout the day to mimic the light of the sun. This will be particularly useful in November and December as the sun goes down earlier and earlier.

Finally, the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box is going to be getting an update to support 120Hz gaming soon. But it will only do 1440p at 120Hz, unfortunately. And you’ll also be able to sync your lights with Spotify.