OnePlus Watch Update Adds Spotify Music Mode, Watch Faces & More

OnePlus Watch Review 3

OnePlus’s first take on a smartwatch has met with heavy criticism. Although the OnePlus Watch boasts premium hardware and impressive two-week battery life, the company’s decision to not ship the devices with Wear OS has led down enthusiasts. And limited support for third-party apps may off-put customers who are not in the OnePlus ecosystem.  

But now, with the new B.65 update, the smartwatch will support Spotify music mode, real-time navigation display, new watch faces, and more. OnePlus tie-up with Spotify may suggest the company will bring more third-party apps on the smartwatch.

OnePlus Watch update adds Spotify music mode, real-time navigation display & OS optimizations   

The update will add the much-needed Spotify music mode, where users can sync Spotify playlists directly to the watch. Alongside the Spotify addition, the update will also bring OS optimizations. Users can use the watch face for real-time navigation by raising the smartwatch, link smartphone alarm reminders, and users can adjust vibration intensity for reminders.


Earlier on, the OnePlus Watch had limited customization options. Now at least the new update will add four new watch faces. The company is supporting their smartwatch with optimizations for health tracking by improving sleep detection with a sleep algorithm. 

OnePlus has continued to support its smartwatch with UI optimizations and the inclusion of staple smartwatch features. The last major update for the OnePlus Watch came in July with design changes, remote control functions, and improved accuracy and speed for GPS positioning. 

Although the company has dedicated itself to polishing the OnePlus Watch with software updates, the company has not announced its plans to support the device after the launch of the second iteration. And smartwatches shipped with Wear OS are preferred as they have better third-party app support, longer software support, and cross-device support. 


It is still unclear whether future updates will support Google apps, let alone syncing Google Fit from smartphones to the OnePlus Watch or a straightforward way to link to the Health app. A standalone app store featuring third-party apps on the watch would be a great addition to the next generation of the OnePlus smartwatch. Or ship the smartwatch with Wear OS and Google support.    

The company has started rolling out the 50MB update, and users can expect the OTA update in the coming days. For checking and updating, users can head over to the OnePlus Health app on their smartphone and head over to Manage -> device settings -> device update.