NVIDIA Adds Both Aragami Games And More To GeForce NOW This Week

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Aragami

The Aragami series is headed to NVIDIA GeForce NOW this week, alongside a handful of other games. This morning NVIDIA announced its latest Thursday drop of titles. Expanding the library of content players have to choose from when they want to game in the cloud.

This week there are 10 total games being added to the GeForce NOW roster. Not the largest weekly drop but also not the smallest. And more importantly, it’s consistent. As this is around the same number of games being added most weeks.

Some of the newly added titles are day and date releases. Meaning they’re hitting GeForce NOW around the same time that they were released for PC and consoles. So if you buy the games for PC, whether it’s through Steam or Epic, you can enjoy that new game in the cloud as well.


Aragami 2 lands on GeForce NOW on September 17

We’re exactly one day away from the official release of Aragami 2. The follow-up to the smash hit stealth ninja game from developer Lince Works. And if you pick it up through Steam you can play it on GeForce NOW starting tomorrow.

Having said that, you can get started with the first title, Aragami, as of today. Both Aragami and Aragami2 are all about stealth action gameplay. So while you can easily slash your way through enemies, in many cases you’re heavily rewarded for sticking to the shadows and doing things quietly. Or as quietly as possible.

If there’s only one game you pick up to use with the service this week, Aragami 2 should be it.


More games for more fun

If you’re not into stealth games or you simply like variety, there’s a few more games landing on GeForce NOW this week. This includes Honey, I Joined A Cult, which released on September 14, as well as Eastward, WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship, Gamedec, and Speed Brawl. All of which released September 16.

The Ubisoft Connect version of Assassin’s Creed III, as well as PULSAR: Lost Colony, and Verdun, are available today too. In short, you have loads of new stuff to play this weekend. The question is what you’ll choose to spend your time with.