New Anker Nebula Android TV Dongle Launches With Remote

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Anker has been a powerful player in the charger game, but the company has just taken the wraps off of a new Android TV device. It quietly launched the Anker Nebula Android TV dongle which retails on Amazon for a penny short of $90.

This dongle will launch with an Android TV remote

This device isn’t packing much in the looks department, but it does pack some nice internals. Its boring, flat, and rounded body has a micro-USB port on one side with an HDMI port on the other. It looks small enough to fit in really any setup without getting in the way of anything.

It comes with an included Android TV remote that gives you access to certain features. For starters, even though Android already has a ton of different apps that you can use, you can open YouTube, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix by pressing the dedicated hardware buttons. The remote also has a Google Assistant button which you can use for voice commands.


It has features that should satisfy most people

You can stream 4K HDR content with the Anker Nebula dongle, and it can even upscale lower resolution video. As for the internals, it comes with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage which should be good for most people. On the audio side, it supports Dolby Digital Plus audio.

It’s really easy to use and cast to

The Anker Nebula dongle is compatible with Chromecast. This means that you cast content from any Android device. All you have to do is make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection to do so.

If you don’t want to cast to it, then you can use the installed software and turn your TV into a smart TV. It’s as easy as plugging it in and connecting it to Wi-Fi. You just have to make sure that there’s an open outlet, as it will need to be constantly plugged in.


Packs a lot of punch, but so does the price

As stated, the Anker Nebula dongle is selling for $89.99. That price is higher than most of the competition, especially when it comes to Chromecasts straight from Google. You can pick up a Chromecast with a remote that can stream 4K content for as low as $50.

$90 isn’t a great price to swallow, because most of the competition can do what the Anker Nebula can do but at a lower price. If they have access to Android TV, they already have the essentials for a great viewing experience. If you want 4K HDR content with Dolby audio, then $90 isn’t unreasonable; just know that there are other options out there.