MVP Application Design

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You got inspired by building a new mobile application, discovered no equivalents; after understanding that many people were ready to remunerate for this rare utility on the market, you decided to take action. After obtaining information about the cost from many developments, firms have concluded that personal money is not enough for high-quality software development, running the project. Innovations fly in the air, so procrastination means allowing an opportunity for whoever is able to entice investors.

It is not quite efficient to approach an investor with only one concept. Having a budget, it is preferable to produce the MVP application design and seek investment using it. If you come to investors as a real application owner, everything is colored differently.

What Is MVP Design Meaning

MVP — Minimum Viable Product — IT software development stage solves extremely significant users and customer issues, demonstrating its “sustainability.” Applied to a mobile application, this term is useful for consumers because if the creation goal was monetization, then the first software version must contain functionality that is of value to the audience.


MVP design image 838393

At the MVP design stage, some clients can praise, criticize, and use it nonetheless, thus confirming the solution’s need. And if the product does not fulfill important tasks or poorly meets them, then the market does not require it; therefore, it is “unviable.”

MVP design is a real working software because often this term is called something that is not, for example:

  1. Landing with a contact collection form or presentation. This is not yet a usable version.
  2. An untested product, just released by the development team, which is impossible to implement due to bugs abundance: this view is common in technical teams.
  3. The system requires complex training or complicated integration to get started. Perhaps for extremely demanding business niches, MVP design may solve problems and be successful, but everything should be simple and straightforward for the mass market. Otherwise, you won’t be perceived.

Therefore, it is worth checking out more detailed information about the item.

For What Purpose Is MVP Design Established?

It is good when you understand what the application should be, clearly articulate its functions and features range, provide the contractor with comprehensive reference terms. However, in 90% of cases, the situation is different. It usually includes only the most basic mobile supplement elements. So, it’s new platform testing without unnecessary details, constructed to verify business idea functionality.

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Accordingly, the MVP design application should be:

  1. Engaging. Successful products compete for the time the consumer spends in them, not for their usefulness, as it may seem at first glance. Make the customer give up all other substitute resources, solving their problems only with you.
  2. Vitality. In today’s world, buying contextual advertising to promote a software project is a losing strategy in advance. You should make users want to tell their friends, acquaintances about your helpful, amazing content.
  3. Clear. You don’t need to force the person to guess what the software is for. Keep it simple and accessible, even if you’re solving complex challenges.
  4. Thoughtful. It requires time to analyze the personalities, tasks, pains of your visitors and formulate hypotheses that you intend to test.

Accordingly, MVP design development is reduced to constructing such an attachment, testing its functionality, and committing as few “childish” mistakes as possible at the initial stage.

For example, if we discuss ordering goods at home, the development will include a catalog and order form. Features such as in-app payment, chat, push notification support are usually implemented in the next phases. Launching an MVP design allows you to offer clients the first mobile attachment version much earlier than a full-featured platform with all the expected capabilities.


The opportunity to get initial feedback assists you in adjusting or formulate your software development strategy. For example, it may appear that you don’t require location or payment processing integration at all. MVP design saves time and money that would have gone into implementing different functions.

Why Is It Important to Test Your Theory on MVP Design

It is not a “do everything and test it then” concept. Instead, you spend minimum time, money on validating your new solution and only begin to refine it once you have received confirmation that the product is in demand by the audience. Let’s explore a few important tasks that MVP design solves:

  1. Putting an idea to the test. Not every concept that looks doomed to success resonates with the audience. It is easy to verify this by flipping through popular categories in catalogs: they are overflowing with monotonous applications for online shopping, games, social networks, but only a few of them pass market selection to become hits.
  2. Gathering information for a complete product. Before starting large-scale project implementation, it is necessary to clarify some details — more precisely, define the target audience, check dubious functions, choose the solution variant, level out possible risks.
  3. Attracting investors. It is essential to convince investors of its prospects, efficiency desiring to start monetization immediately. This is how you can clearly demonstrate your solution’s work ability.

In this case, such a creation is a reliable way to test your hypothesis before financing full-fledged product development.


Design’s Role in MVP Product

Excellent design is essential — it’s the visual component, commodity’s brevity. Don’t think that your enormous supplement can get by without design principles. It helps to communicate with your target audience by talking to your visitors through the interface. Accents on a website, attachments create an overall impression of your project. Customer experience and sustained brand identity are key factors in remembering it.
Finally, design is about the emotions visitors get when encountering a platform. It sets you apart from your competitors because it’s brighter, cooler, more entertaining.

What Happens After the MVP is Launched

As already mentioned, the product has multiple advantages. One of the most remarkable is further improvement. MVP Design testing helps to understand the user’s reaction to the interface, whether the model is suitable, and whether the project is relevant to the market.
Many companies don’t approve the final product but are constantly upgrading it. This is an example of YouTube, Booking, Google, Instagram, and many others. Launching a product is not a reason to relax.

In the end, you finally present the idea to potential consumers, generate income, take a certain market position, and receive constant feedback. As a result, time is utilized wisely; you are open to investors, ready to monetize your business.