Motorola Air Charging Unveiled; Can Charge Up To 4 Devices at a Time 

Motorola phone logo 01 DG AH 2020

Motorola has unveiled its highly anticipated air charging technology. This new mobile charging tech lets you charge supported phones from a distance, hence the name. Previously dubbed the “Motorola One Hyper” charging technology, the company has since changed its name to Motorola Air Charging.

Motorola unveiled the new tech via China’s most popular social media platform, Weibo. The company claims that Air Charging can charge up to four devices simultaneously within a range of up to 3 meters and 100°. The tech reportedly uses 1,600 antennas that constantly scan for new devices.

Air Charging uses an independent CPU and custom algorithms

The device also uses its own algorithm and an independent CPU, allowing stable charging at all times. However, given the obvious limitations, the devices can be charged at only 5W. Motorola mentions that Air Charging is immune to obstacles like paper, leather, or similar materials.



The charger cleverly stops charging when it identifies human presence around it. The company calls this “biological monitoring technology.”

Despite the unveiling and detailing of the new Air Charging tech, Motorola hasn’t offered a precise timeline for its arrival. But a Lenovo official has suggested that Air Charging is almost ready for commercial availability. Oddly, Motorola’s announcement leaves out GuRu Wireless, Inc., the company responsible for bringing this tech to the fore.

Earlier this year, the Lenovo-owned company took the wraps off of air charging technology. However, it was only capable of charging devices at a distance of up to 100 centimeters. So it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into this technology since then.


In May, Motorola and GuRu announced the “World’s First Over-the-Air, Wirelessly Powered Technology” for charging. While this new announcement lives up to the promise, it’s still unclear as to how long it can take to fully charge a modern-day smartphone.

The ‘Air Charging’ moniker makes it sound similar to Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge. However, Xiaomi’s offering is only a concept, while Motorola now has a working prototype of its technology.

The charging speed of just 5W may prove to be a hindrance for a majority of smartphone owners. However, this is a step in the right direction and we hope the tech can evolve and improve in the years to come.