Microsoft Launches Dolby Vision For Gaming On Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series X Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision gaming for Xbox Series X|S has arrived, Microsoft announced today. The console has had support for the feature since it launched back in 2020. But up until today the Dolby Vision gaming feature has never been available to users on either the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S.

Today marks the first time that it’s been enabled. With it turned on, players will get to experience gaming with higher contrast of colors and higher fidelity visuals. Though you’ll need a compatible TV for it to work. If you weren’t someone who planned for this before buying the Xbox Series X|S, you’ll need an upgrade to take advantage of it.

Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X|S supports more than 100 next-gen games

According to Microsoft there are already over 100 next-gen HDR games that are compatible with the new Dolby Vision feature. Halo Infinite is one of those games, and Microsoft confirms that it supports the full experience by supporting both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.


So you get both high fidelity and more colorful visuals, as well as more immersive and spatial audio. Together, you get a more immersive gaming experience. Microsoft doesn’t announce any other games that support Dolby Vision, however. Just that it’ll start with more than 100 titles that will feature the support.

And if you want to use Dolby Atmos, you will need to install the Dolby Access app onto your Xbox Series X|S. Atmos will work with a compatible soundbar or sound system. But you might get more immersive audio if you use headphones so you can block out all other sounds.

Some classic titles are supported too

In addition to the next-gen HDR games, Microsoft is making some classic titles compatible with Dolby Vision too. This list is far longer though, as Microsoft states that there are “thousands of classic games” that will have an improved visual experience.


Essentially it should include any classic titles that have been upgraded with HDR10 and Auto-HDR support. Dolby Vision needs to be enabled on the Xbox Series X|S. So make sure that’s turned on. Microsoft also says you’ll need to enable your TVs ALLM or VRR settings for the best possible experience.