Microsoft Announced A New Surface Pro X With Windows 11

Microsoft Surcafe Pro Xs

With Windows 11 just around the corner, all eyes are on Microsoft. The company recently had a Surface event where it unveiled new additions to the Surface family. According to Engadget, one device was the new Surface Pro X that will run Windows 11. This device starts at a decent $899, but most people wonder if it can outlive the bad Surface Pro X track record.

There won’t be much in terms of hardware upgrades

The first Surface Pro X was released back in 2019, and from the get-go, it was a bad time. The device suffered from bad performance due to its poorly optimized ARM-based chipset. It also struggled with poor app software support, prompting people to look elsewhere.

This new generation didn’t flip the script with the internals, which may worry people. As for the processor, the options are the SQ1 and the SQ2 processors. These are the ARM-based chips that Microsoft designed in collaboration with Qualcomm. The latter of these processors was released just last year. As for what’s new, there will be a new WiFi-only model available.


The new Surface Pro X will come with Windows 11

The new Surface Pro x’s most important talking point would have to be Windows 11. The upcoming upgrade to the Window ecosystem is a large departure from what we’ve been seeing throughout Windows history.

The design will contrast Windows 10 in several aspects. Firstly, the overall aesthetic will be rounder than before; windows and other bits of the software will have rounded corners. This will bring it more in line with mobile platforms that we’re seeing today.

The icons on the taskbar will no longer be oriented to the left, as they’ve been moved to the center of the screen. This caused a bit of controversy because this makes it resemble macOS just a bit. You should have the ability to push the icons back to the left side if you want.


Don’t forget that you can use Android apps on Windows 11

A pretty big Windows 11 feature is the ability to actually use Android apps natively. Microsoft states that this is possible because of Intel bridge technology. With said technology, users will hopefully be able to use Android apps with ease.

One thing to note is that this is all done through the Amazon app store. This means that the user will be able to use a lot of Android apps, but they won’t have access to Google Play Services like YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, etc.

If you’re interested in picking up a new Surface Pro X, the WiFi-only version is up for pre-order today. The computer will officially be available for buy on October 5th, the same day that Windows 11 officially launches.