Microsoft Adds Dolby Vision To The Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 8 Modes under embargo until September 22

Microsoft took the stage today to announce roughly eight new products. Including the new Surface Duo 2. But there’s also the new Surface Pro 8. A device that has been around for quite some time, so we all know what to expect from this tablet that is meant to replace your laptop.

The new Surface Pro 8 can go toe-to-toe with other ultraportable laptops on the market, and it got a few more updates that make it even more impressive.

It gets a larger display, now up to 13-inches from the 12.3-inch on almost every other Surface Pro. It’s still a PixelSense screen, but it now has Dolby Vision included, which is a nice addition.


Microsoft sticks with Intel

While we’ve seen a lot of other PC makers switching over to AMD for its products, Microsoft is sticking with Intel. The new Surface Pro 8 has the latest 11th-generation Intel processors, and it also has Thunderbolt 4 – finally! Thunderbolt 4 is available on the two USB-C ports. Making it easier to connect external hard drives, webcams and more.

These two additions alone could tempt buyers into purchasing the Surface Pro 8, over another tablet or ultraportable laptop. Both cameras got updates too. The rear camera is now 10-megapixels, up from the 8-megapixels on previous models. While the front-facing camera is still 5-megapixels with 1080p support, Microsoft has improved its low-light performance.

All around, it’s a pretty solid update for the Surface Pro lineup. Nothing too major here, but plenty of nice upgrades that might entice some to upgrade for the larger screen, improved performance, or even Thunderbolt 4. All of which are great reasons to upgrade.


The Surface Pro 8 is available to pre-order today on Microsoft’s website. And it will be available beginning on October 5, with the rest of the Windows 11 devices – as well as Windows 11 itself. Pricing will start from $1,099.