Logitech's New USB Dongle Will Provide Better Encryption For Its New Mice & Keyboards

logi bolt AH

Logitech has just announced a ton of new business-focused accessories. But the one that really caught our attention was the Logi Bolt. This is a USB-A accessory (surprisingly, not USB-C), that will reduce latency in crowded workspaces and also boost security.

That’s important if you’re working in an office space and most of your co-workers are using wireless mice and keyboards. As the latency could really become an issue.

The Logi Bolt works over Bluetooth Low Energy, so it won’t use very much power. It is also a far more secure tether compared to other mice and keyboards. It uses security mode 1, level 4. And with Logitech using Bluetooth for the Bolt, it should be much less prone to hacking, than the traditional 2.4GHz receiver that comes with most of its wireless products.


When can I get the Logi Bolt?

Logitech has not announced specifically when the Logi Bolt will be available, but it is “coming soon” on its website. With a listing price of $14.99. So it’s fairly inexpensive, and should resolve a lot of issues when we return to the office.

Logitech will also be offering other accessories that work with the Logi Bolt, and offer enhanced security thanks to Bluetooth LE. These include the Logitech MX Master Series for Business. Which includes the MX Master 3 and MX Keys. There are also webpages for business versions of the Logitech Ergo K860 split keyboard, the MX Anywhere 3 and the Ergo M575 wireless trackball mouse.

Offering up a more secure dongle is definitely a good idea in this world of cybersecurity. While you probably don’t think about your mouse or keyboard getting hacked, it can happen. And others can connect to your computer thanks to it. And for just $15, the Logi Bolt is likely a very solid investment to make. It’ll be interesting to see how this actually works, when it comes out.