The ASUS ROG Gaming Furniture Comes To US IKEA Stores Next Month

IKEA ASUS ROG Collection

Back in 2020 IKEA announced that it was collaborating with ASUS to make a ROG collection of gaming furniture, and next month it finally comes to US stores. All of the products are the same as product families that IKEA already sells.

But with a little more gaming pizazz thanks to the ROG infusion. The collection includes everything from adjustable gaming desks in varying sizes to a hand-shaped headphone stand. And in all the entire collection covers just about everything you’d need for a gaming setup.

IKEA says that it worked closely with ASUS to design everything in the ROG collection’s Uppspel family. But everything else was designed solely by IKEA using insights from its collaboration with the ROG team.


IKEA begins selling the ROG collection in US stores on October 1

If your gaming setup needs a bit of freshening up, it won’t be long until you can pick up some new stuff at your local IKEA store. US and UK consumers will both get the opportunity to grab stuff from this new collection on October 1. Following an initial launch in Japan and China earlier this year.

The collection includes six product families, which are Uppspel, Lånespelare, Matchspel, Gruppspel, Utespelare, and Huvudspelare. Some of the products will be simple. Like the Lånespelare multifunctional cushion/blanket/onesie that costs $25, and the Lånespelare neck pillow that costs $10.

Both of these (and really many of the products in the collection), are designed with longer gaming sessions in mind. If you sit down for long periods of time to play your favorite games, you want to be comfortable. Sometimes that includes needing to keep warm. And a blanket that’s also a onesie can definitely help.


Then there’s some of the more pricey items, like the Uppspel adjustable gaming desk that starts at $549 and the Gruppspel gaming chair that starts at $289. You’ll also find products like desk-mounted cup holders at $10, and wall-mounted pegboards at $20 for storage solutions so you can organize things like controllers and other gaming accessories.

Everything is mostly affordable

In true IKEA fashion, all of the items are mostly affordable pieces. Sure, the adjustable 70-inch desk is $600 and the leather version of the Gruppspel gaming chair is $389. But compare those prices to the prices of competing products. Adjustable desks can cost upwards of $1,000. And many gaming chairs from reputable brands are over $400.

As noted the products will be available in IKEA stores beginning next month. They should also pop up online, although IKEA doesn’t allow shipping to everywhere on everything it sells. So you may need to make the trek to a store for some things. You can view the entire collection here.