If You Make A Google Store Purchase This Weekend, You Could Get A Pixel 6 Discount

Google Pixel 6 discount birthday 2

But only if you live in one of three countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Google really is pulling out all of the stops for the Pixel 6 this year. And now it is offering up a discount for those that purchase something this weekend from the Google Store in Australia, Japan or Taiwan. It’s not a huge discount, but still a discount which is nice. Especially since the Pixel 6 is set to be pretty expensive this year.

Australians can get up to $70AUD off

In Australia, you can buy anything from Google this weekend using a 15% promo code, which does work on almost everything. And you will get “$70 off the upcoming Pixel 6 phones.” Though, it’s worth noting that Google has not yet revealed how much the Pixel 6 is going to cost, but we are fairly sure it’ll be pretty pricey.


The fine print on this deal is that you will need to make your purchase before September 27 (Monday). Customers will be sent a promotional code in the email by November 30. And customers can use that code to purchase the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro before December 31.

Now, to get the discount on other products this weekend, you’ll need to use the promo code BDAYSURPRISE at checkout.

As mentioned already, this promo code will work on most things in the Google Store, but not everything. It’ll get you a discount on everything except for the Nest Cam or Doorbell (battery).


There are also additional discount codes available. You can use NESTITUP23 to get 23% off of the Nest Wifi. Or STREAMON23 to get 23% off of the Chromecast (not the Google TV version). And finally, there’s MINIBUTMIGHTY to get 50% off of a Nest Mini.

Unfortunately, this is not available in other countries, just in Australia, Japan and Taiwan right now. Hopefully Google does something similar in other, larger markets.