Huawei's HarmonyOS Hits 70 Million Users In Less Than 3 Months

AH Huawei Watch 3 image 22

Huawei has announced that HarmonyOS is now used by 70 million users. The company managed to hit that milestone in less than three months.

It is worth noting that most of those users are in China, though. The global variant of HarmonyOS launched a bit later, but some global users are mixed in that number as well.

HarmonyOS now counts 70 million users, and it keeps on growing

Further growth for the OS is expected in the coming months, as it is now available for nearly 100 devices. Huawei did promise that a stable variant will hit 100 devices, so Huawei is close to its goal.


Just to be clear, users have actually been able to switch to HarmonyOS since April, but the first major push to devices was conducted in June. That’s where regular users started getting the update, so that’s when its proper release took place.

Huawei made the device available to a huge number of phones, as already mentioned. The company made it available to phones dating back to the Huawei Mate 9 series, which arrived back in 2016. So, some phones that are nearly 5 years old are getting the update as well.

HarmonyOS comes without Google Play Services

HarmonyOS, as most of you know, is Huawei’s fork of Android, essentially. It comes without Google Play Services, but it has Huawei’s HMS pre-installed, along with AppGallery for apps.


AppGallery grew immensely up to this point. A ton of apps are available there, while the rest you can find through Huawei’s Petal search. It basically searches apps at app repositories, such as APK Pure, and then allows you to download them. Petal search is integrated into AppGallery, so you can search apps through AppGallery only and get the job done.

HarmonyOS itself worked well on the Huawei Watch 3 that we reviewed a while back. Something similar can be said for smartphones and tablets. It does resemble Huawei’s EMUI skin that Huawei users are used to, and it’s quite fluid.