How To Run A U.S. Digital Business From Abroad

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As Globalization kicks back into gear, many digital entrepreneurs love operating across continents. They tap into the biggest marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook and the Google App store – and serve clients from all over. In recent months however, it was not possible to travel to the U.S. to start a new business in person – and folks increasingly relied on business tools with online access.

Two of the most commonly used solutions on U.S. soil that enabled people to experience continuity and trust in the system, are powered digitally these days: Firstly, LLC formations and secondly, registered agents. These activities are some of the building blocks needed to fire up your new business in America.

To run a digital services business from abroad and tap into the U.S. market, the most important part is to set up a legal entity in the U.S. and to gain some local presence. Here is a shortcut followed by many entrepreneurs:


When choosing an LLC formation company there are many things to consider. Starting an LLC can be a daunting task, not to mention the possible budgetary issues. Luckily there are many reliable and budget friendly registered agents that can lessen the burden.
Here are five of the fastest growing LLC formation services in the US:

1. ZenBusiness

Based in Texas, ZenBusiness has helped thousands of US LLCs. The company was formed in 2015. The thing that makes ZenBusiness stand out is the fact that they are socially conscious. They focus on helping the community whilst growing as a company. Their starting price for their package is only $49 and includes many features. This package includes LLC formation, a years’ worth of free registered agent service, an operating agreement template that can be customized to suit your LLC and an in-house accounting assessment. If you choose the option to upgrade to the Pro package, they include annual report filing as well. ZenBusiness has more than 6200 reviews online and the outcome is very positive.

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2. Incfile

The signup fee at Incfile is probably what attracts most clients. Incfiles LLC service fee starts at $0. You only pay a state fee. This makes it definitely the most budget friendly option. Since opening in 2004, they have helped more than 500 000 businesses to form. Even though the service fee is so low, you still get a lot of features. These features include a year of registered agent service and lifetime company alerts for certain filing deadlines. Incfile offers great customer support, with staff on standby, whether you call or email. If your business is on a strict budget, Incfile would surely be the best option.

3. Northwest Registered Agent

Formed in 1998, Northwest is one of the older companies on this list. They are a bit pricier than ZenBusiness and Incfile, but the services they offer sets them apart from the cheaper options. Signing up costs are $225. There are no upsell costs to Northwest. You get what you pay for. Many other services may require you to pay for extra add-ons. Customer service is also high up on the priority list at Northwest. If you have any questions or queries you can call their service number and they will tend to your needs in a speedy manner. They are the only registered agent that scans every document sent to your business locally on your behalf. Yes they are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

4. Inc Authority

Another company that has been around for quite a time is Inc Authority. The company has been around since 1989. Similar to Incfile, they offer free LLC service in addition to their paid packages. Even though the signup fee is $0, there are certain features that can only be unlocked when you purchase a premium package. These packages start at $399. Unfortunately when you buy a package, you cannot back out. Inc Authority has a no-refund policy. Make 100% sure that you want to use their services before making any purchase.


5. LegalZoom

LegalZoom has a big reach in the US due to their great brand power. They manage a large number of LLC formations and have extensive experience. What sets them apart, is the fact that they can keep up with a big workload, helping over 2 million businesses to get started. When it comes to customer service, they also stand out. LegalZoom offers assistance like no other, having operating hours till 10pm on weekdays and 7pm over weekends. The downside to LegalZoom is the long list of upsells that you have to pay. Apart from your starting cost being $79, you have to pay for certain features, making it a very expensive option. If you are someone that is looking to work with a well-known experienced company, then LegalZoom is for you. But you need to be willing to pay.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Some LLC formation services does not require a signup fee
  • Determining the business’s needs beforehand is important
  • Add ons may be billed separately

Final take:

At the end of the day, the amount you spend on an LLC formation website will be much less than what you would spend on hiring an attorney. Before choosing a company to work with, make sure you understand the needs of our business as well as how much you are willing to pay. What you are losing in money, you are essentially gaining in time.