HBO MAX Rolls Out Huge Update To Roku Devices


HBO MAX has just rolled out a pretty large update to everyone on Roku. There’s not a lot of new features here, but this is an overall, large update for the app.

The update is available now on all Roku devices that have the HBO MAX app. It should update automatically, if not you can head into the Roku store and update it yourself.

Here’s what’s new in this version of the app – that’s version 50.45

  • Faster overall speed – the app is much snappier than it was before.
  • Better stability – we haven’t seen the same loading issues as the previous app.
  • Snappier search – the search function seems to return results quicker than before.
  • ‘My List’ is now found under profile – viewers’ personal lists can be found and managed under their profile.
  • Custom profile icons – your custom profile avatar is now available on Roku.
  • UI changes – the progress bar during fast forward or rewind is now white for better visibility. In addition, there is a new “loading” animation that spins around the lower portion of the screen.

As you can see, a lot of improvements here. And the addition of custom profile icons is definitely a nice addition here too. The app didn’t get any sort of redesign, and the navigation is still the same. But once you open the updated HBO MAX, you’ll definitely notice a difference. As it is now a whole lot faster and smoother.


That’s great news since some Roku devices can be pretty old, and run on pretty old specs.

These changes come from WarnerMedia purchasing You.I TV last year. Which has become the foundation of the new app for Roku and soon PlayStation. It’s expected to be available on Apple TV before the end of 2021. And in 2022, Roku plans to release a major update for mobile and the web-based desktop app.