Google Reportedly Working On Two Foldable Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 5a AM AH 4

The information found in Android 12.1 code has recently revealed that Google is working on a new foldable Pixel phone codenamed “Jumbojack.” The previous foldable Pixel phone was codenamed “Passport.”

The rumors about Google’s foldable phones have been circulating for more than a year, and no source has yet to reveal some helpful details about them. The foldable Pixel phone codenamed Passport was supposed to release in Q4 2021. However, it does not seem that Google will decide to unveil its new products during this period.

But the upcoming mid-cycle release of Android, known as Android 12.1, suggests that Google is working on a new foldable Pixel phone. As said, the codename for the device is Jumbojack. According to 9to5google, the Jumbojack has been used as a tester device for things like testing the “posture” feature on Android APIs for “opened,” “closed,” “half-opened,” and “flipped” positions. It also runs Android 12.


The report continues that Jumbojack comes with two displays, and the second display disappears when the phone is folded. The process of use and design language is very close to Samsung Galaxy Fold.

For those who are curious about the Jumbojack name, this could be a nod to the Jumbo Jack cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. Some people also believe that perhaps the codename has a reference to the design. Samsung uses a “hamburger style” design for its Galaxy Z Flip.

Jumbojack will experience Android 12 tweaks sooner than other foldable phones

Google’s second foldable phone is reportedly running Android 12.1, making it the first foldable device experiencing new Android tweaks. The evidence suggests that the phones come with a new procedure for handling split-screen.


There is still no firm indication that Google wants to launch new phones in the next few months, especially since the company has recently introduced a new series of its Pixel phones.

Moreover, Google has kept all information about its new foldable secret. So far, there is no authoritative information about screen size, battery, chip, and more. But nothing can be kept secret forever.

Dating back to June, some sources reported that the foldable Pixel might use Samsung ultra-thin glass. Also, another tipster has said that Google’s new foldable phones come with a 120Hz display.


Currently, all foldable devices in the market come with a 120Hz display. So launching a foldable Pixel with a lower refresh rate could be a mistake for Google. As for the launch date, the foldable Google Pixel is expected to launch simultaneously as the Pixel 6 series.