The Pixel 6 Series May Let You Remove Objects From Photos

silver pixel 6 AH

The Google Pixel 6 series may come with an object removal feature for photos. Among numerous other camera features that are reported to be unique to these two devices.

According to a new report from XDA, a handful of different features are to be included with Google’s upcoming smartphones. Keep in mind most of these are rumored features from an anonymous source. So until they’re confirmed by Google, they’re not necessarily guaranteed.

With that said, if all of the features are accurate, photography on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro might be the Pixel line’s best experience yet. The object removal feature is also not the only interesting feature that could be coming to the Pixel 6 series. It does stand out however. Since object removal was once a feature that almost made its way into the Google Photos app.


The Pixel 6 may come with an object removal feature called “Magic Eraser”

Based on the report, Magic Eraser is a feature you will apply to photos after you’ve taken them. Say you’re taking a picture of a loved one and someone walks into frame at the last second.

With the Magic Eraser feature you would presumably be able to “erase” them from the photo.

Manually adjust white balance, deblur faces, and lock scenes

A few more features that may be added are the ability to manually adjust the white balance, a face deblur, and the ability to lock scenes.


The face deblur feature has already been confirmed by Google. So we know this is something that the Pixel 6 series will have on board. This way if faces turn out blurry in any pictures you take, the deblur feature can kick in and correct it.

As for the scene lock feature, XDA reports that they aren’t quite sure what this will actually do in practice. It might be completely different than the AF/AE Lock feature that already exists. It could be possible that this is also a new name for it.

The new phones should both have the ability for the user to manually adjust white balance. It’s not entirely clear if this will be available in the phones at launch however.


There’s also a number of other features that are potentially going to be available. Including baby mode, front torch (which could be a way to use the display as a front flash for selfies), support for Bluetooth mics, a timer light, motion blur, portrait spotlight, and a second version of the Frequent Faces feature.