Surprise, A Pixel 6 Pro Has Leaked In A Hands-On Video

Google Pixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro

Following numerous official posts from Google about the Pixel 6 series that included images, a new hands-on video leak of the Pixel 6 Pro appears to have popped up online. First things first, there’s some clear indicators to make note of.

In the Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video leak, the phone does not appear to be a production unit. I.E., not the model that consumers will get when they purchase one. If the phone in the video is indeed a Pixel 6 Pro, the speculation is that it’s an early test unit.

The giveaway, as pointed out by Twitter user M. Brandon Lee, is the logo on the back of the device. In the official renders Google has shown, the logo is very clearly the Google “G.” But that’s not what you see in the video. Instead, it looks like the G but inverted and rotated.


This Pixel 6 Pro video leak probably won’t be the last

Google is suspected to be launching the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on October 19. Which would probably mean that an announcement is coming up pretty soon.

Given the timing of it all, we’re probably bound to see more leaks leading up to the reveal. The question is less “will there be more leaks?” and more “how many will there be and what will they show off?” This is par for the course with just about every big phone release. And the Pixel devices are no exception.

All that aside, the short video does give a brief, albeit detailed glimpse at the upcoming device. This variant seems to be the black model. So you get a decent enough look at how the colors will appear. If the colors are the same on production units, then Google may have decided to go with a more glossy finish.


But it’s worth keeping in mind that since this is most certainly an early test unit, the color and the finish might change some. If you want to take a peek at the video yourself, you can see it in the tweet below. Just don’t expect any super juicy details. As there are none to be had.