Google Pixel 6 Pro Will Feature An LTPO Display

Pixel 6 earpiece speaker grille

The upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro flagship will feature an LTPO display. This information comes from Ross Young, a well-known display analyst. Chances are the information is spot on, as his tips usually are.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro will feature an LTPO display aka adaptive refresh rate

That’s not all, though, as Ross Young shared some additional info in the comments. He confirmed that this will be Samsung’s new E5 panel. That means it will be able to show us up to 1 billion colors, and this is a 10-bit panel.

Some of you are probably wondering what does LTPO stands for? It represents Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide tech, contrary to LTPS display. Long story short, this display offers an adaptive refresh rate.


That means that the Pixel 6 Pro will offer an adaptive refresh rate, which, if used properly, can benefit battery life quite considerably. The Pixel 6 Pro will offer a refresh rate up to 120Hz, in case you were wondering, but this display will be able to lower it almost all the way down (10Hz minimum)… when needed.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will utilize a huge 14.6-inch panel

In that very same tweet, Ross Young also confirmed that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is coming with a WQHD display, which will measure 14.6 inches. It will be an OLED display, and a truly huge one, apparently.

Anyhow, the Pixel 6 Pro is expected to launch alongside the Pixel 6 next month. We still don’t know if the Pixel 6 will feature an LTPO display, but chances are it will not.


Both of these devices will be fueled by Google’s very first mobile SoC, the Google Tensor. Google confirmed that a while back, when it also released official renders of the two smartphones.

The company will also use a brand new camera sensor this time around, and it was about time. The most likely option is Samsung’s ISOCELL GN1 50-megapixel sensor. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, though. More information is expected to arrive soon.