Google Pixel 4a Is Out Of Stock In The US, For Some Reason

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The Google Pixel 4a is out of stock in the US as we speak, for some reason. The Pixel 4a is Google’s budget, compact smartphone, which did well for the company thus far. Google’s Pixel 5a did get released, but it’s not a direct competitor to the 4a.

The Pixel 5a (5G) is a successor to the Pixel 4a 5G. It is larger than the Pixel 4a, considerably, and it’s also more powerful. The Pixel 4a is still a great option for those of you on a budget, who want a smaller phone.

The Pixel 4a is out of stock in the US

Well, if you head over to the Google Store in the US, you’ll notice that you can’t get the phone anymore. You can’t get it unlocked, while both Google Fi and Verizon models are unavailable as well.


A reader reached out to out as well, claiming that the phone is out of stock everywhere he looked basically. He says that he ordered the Pixel 4a on September 6, and was supposed to arrive on September 9.

For some reason, the shipping date changed to September 14. He contacted Google, and was told that the company experienced some “processing issues” in the warehouse. Since he ordered it, the phone went out of stock everywhere.

It may reappear in the near future, we’ll see

Is it possible that Google miscalculated something, and doesn’t have any more units available? That seems like a possible situation, though it’s also possible some sort of a mistake occurred, and that’s why the shipments are delayed. The “out of stock” label could be just a precaution.

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We’ll have to wait for a while to see which is it. If the phone doesn’t reappear on the company’s store in the near future, Google is all out, and will rely on the Pixel 5a from now on. The Pixel 4a can still hold its own, though, and the company should probably keep offering it, if at all possible. It does represent a separate category, kind of, a budget compact category.