Google Messages Could Soon Bring Reply Reminders With ‘Nudges’

Android Messages AH NS 05

An APK teardown of the Google Messages app suggests that the app could soon bring “nudges” to remind users to get back to messages that they haven’t responded to. The feature was spotted in Google Messages version 9.5 Beta by  XDA Developers.

As most Android users are aware, nudges was first brought to Gmail in 2018. It would automatically highlight emails that the users haven’t responded to. A similar feature does make sense for Google’s Messages app on Android.

The feature is currently available on the Beta version of Google Messages

New strings discovered in the app show support for highlighting “messages you might have forgotten to respond to.” Another string talks about displaying “messages you might need to follow up on.”


It’s worth noting that Google Messages currently has chat reminders feature built-in. However, it has to be enabled manually. The addition of nudges will simplify the process of message reminders to a great extent.

Google Messages Nudges

Since the mention of nudges only appeared on the beta version of the app, there’s no word on when it will reach the stable version. You can try out the feature yourself if you’re part of the Google Messages beta program.


The Messages app has seen a handful of changes this year alone. It received an automatic message sorting feature to reduce the clutter. The update introduced sorting messages into categories, thereby letting you get to the most important messages first.

Another crucial feature included with this update was automatic OTP (One-time password) deletion. Unfortunately, features like automatic message sorting and OTP deletion are only available in India at the moment. Although it’s feasible that these features could make their way outside India, Google hasn’t shared any details on that front as of yet.

Google Messages also received the ability to pin individual chats for easy access this year. Thankfully, this feature made its way to users globally.


The app received end-to-end encryption support in June this year. However, encryption is only applicable for individual RCS (Rich Communication Services) conversations. This leaves out SMS/MMS and group RCS messages. Encrypted chats on Google Messages are highlighted with a lock icon in the ‘Chatting with’ banner on top of the conversation screen.