Google Maps For Android Auto Get Optimized For Right-Hand Drive Cars

Android Auto AH NS 05

Google Maps are quite important for the Android Auto platform. Android Auto lets you control most of the supported apps installed on your smartphone, straight from your car’s infotainment screen.

Whereas, Google Maps let you navigate to your destination accurately (in most cases). Android Auto also puts all the key controls close to the driver.

However, in most parts of the world, that is not the case. This is because driving standards change from country to country. Some have right-hand-drive standards, while some have left-hand drive standards.


As of now, Google Maps in Android Auto places the key controls on the left side of the screen for left-hand drive vehicles. Thankfully, with the latest version of Android Auto, Google will be fixing this issue.

For the opposite direction, i.e. right-hand drive with left-hand traffic, Google Maps in Android Auto will place the navigation bar and information cards on the right-side of the infotainment screen.

To be specific, the feature would be beneficial for drivers in Britain, Indian, Australia, Japan, and other countries, where traffic moves on the left side.


The buttons on Google Maps in Android Auto will change sides automatically based on the vehicle

According to the official post, this change has been introduced to make it more comfortable to maneuver the navigation bar and information cards for the right-hand-drive vehicles.

The user interface will optimize itself automatically and the buttons on Google Maps for Android Auto will change positions automatically, based on the vehicle.

On top of this, Google will soon also add manual control to change the orientation of the display. Thus, it will provide more granular control.


This small yet effective change will help right-hand drivers to control buttons and functions of Google Maps in Android Auto more comfortably.

Moreover, Google also says that will the new update has also fixed the issue related to the right-to-left languages for Google Maps in Android Auto. So, those who were experiencing this issue can take a look after installing the new update if it fixes the problem or not.

As far as the availability of this new update is concerned, the new features will arrive with the latest version of Android Auto.


There is no exact date announced as such, but we expect it to roll out soon. The good thing is that it will be available for all users across the globe.