Google Home Adds 'Device Speed Test', Preps 'ISP Access Preference'

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Google is finally adding the ability to check the connection speed between a device and the Wi-Fi point to the Google Home app. This feature was available on the old Google Wifi app but hadn’t yet made it into the new, redesigned client. The latest, version update for the Google Home app on Android and iOS now adds this ability.

Following the latest update, you should see a new “Device speed” section in the “Info” tab for a device, available after selecting a device under Wi-Fi shortcut > Devices in the Google Home app. Here, you will find two options: Check device speed and Check all speeds. These options do exactly what they imply. The former will check the maximum connection speed between that device and your Nest/Google Wi-Fi point. The latter, meanwhile, will run a full internet speed test.

The app will also note when you last checked the internet speeds, with the results of that test. Note that you cannot check speeds for a device that is connected over a wired connection, i.e. Ethernet, to the router. The device must be connected wirelessly over Wi-Fi for you to be able to run the test.


google home device speed test

The latest Google Home update is rolling out widely, reveals another incoming feature

Google Home version is now rolling out widely on Android and iOS. While the “device speed test” is the most notable new addition, an APK teardown of the latest version of the app has revealed another incoming feature.

According to 9to5Google, who performed the teardown, Google Home 2.43 contains references to an “ISP access preference” feature. Per the report, this will allow your ISP (internet service provider) to “access and manage your Wi-Fi network and any Google Wifi or Nest Wifi router or point in your network”. This includes devices that you add later as well, even those that you have obtained from somewhere else and not your ISP.


Your ISP will have information such as the offline/online status of your network and router software version and installation history. This will help the ISP with troubleshooting when needed. They will be able to “detect when your Wi-Fi router is offline and restart it as needed, run speed tests, and change your Wi-Fi network settings to improve your experience”. Of course, it’s an optional feature and you can revoke the access anytime from within the Google Home app.

It’s unclear when this “ISP access preference” feature will go live on Google Home. You can look forward to it in subsequent updates for the app. Click on the button below to download the latest version of the Google Home app for Android.