Google Docs Now Lets You Add Image Watermarks To Your Documents

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If you use Google Docs, then you may know the lengthy process to add image watermarks to a document. Well, with the latest update, Google is rolling out a new feature that would allow users to add image watermarks to your document quickly.

Previously, in order to add an image watermark, you needed to create your very own watermark using Google Drawings. Then, copy and paste the document text onto the Google Drawings file inside the text box.

As the last step, you were required to finally upload it to Google Docs. This process is quite lengthy and prevents users from making use of this nifty feature frequently.


Thankfully, with the new update, Google Docs users can quickly add image watermarks, without wasting much of their time. Notably, the new feature is already rolling out for Workspace users.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to add image watermarks to your documents. In the official blog, Google has also explained how Google Docs users can add image watermarks to their documents.

The Google Docs image watermark feature will begin broader rollout starting October 11

As per the blog, you need to head over to the new Watermarks option from the Insert menu. This will open a new side panel. From this side panel, you can upload your image watermark and also tweak its opacity.


Once you are done with the change, hit the Done button, and Google Docs will automatically apply the selected watermark to all the pages.

Using this new feature, you can also add your company brand logo, marketing names, or any of your custom designs as the image watermark for Google Docs.

According to XDA Developers, the image watermarks are preserved while importing or exporting documents from MS Word. As far as the rollout is concerned, the new feature is already live for Google Workspace users.


The company plans to begin the broader rollout of this new Google Docs image watermark features starting October 11. It will be available for all Google Workspace users along with G Suite Basic and Business customers.

Sadly, there is no information revealed by Google if this feature will make its way for the personal account holders or not. For that, we will have to wait and watch.

This new feature is hot on the heels of the recent rollout of the Material You design refresh for the Google Docs app. The design brings Android 12 design languages for Google Docs and introduces several new elements.