[UPDATED: Google Statement] Google Clock App Bug Breaks The Alarm Function

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UPDATE: Google has released a statement regarding the Clock bug. The company issued it via the Google Pixel subreddit (via Android Authority). The company says that this bug is quite likely a result of Spotify integration. To avoid it, you should switch to one of the on-device default alarm sounds, temporarily, until this problem gets fixed.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: It seems like the Google Clock app is having a rather odd bug that breaks the alarm function. In other words, the alarm clock feature of the app isn’t working properly, at least according to reports on Reddit.

Be warned, Google Clock app bug breaks the alarm function

According to one Reddit user, both he and his wife missed both morning and evening alarms on their Pixel 3 devices. These alarms also didn’t show up as “upcoming”, as they usually do. Once the alarm time passed, alarms did show up as “missed” in the notification tray.


The user tried to solve the problem. Both he and his wife cleared storage / cache, reset both phones, and the bedtime and wake up settings. That didn’t help with his phone, but it did with hers, for some reason.

Now, this is not the only example. Other Pixel users reported the same thing. One Pixel 4a user, and one Pixel 5 user. They’re having the same problem, it seems. So, there’s obviously a bug involved.

Another proof that this is an issue are the Google Clock reviews on the Play Store. The last couple of them are extremely negative. Those negative reviews are basically complaining about the alarm feature not working, so it’s the same problem.


Installing a third-party alarm app may be a good idea

Now, this is obviously a bug that needs to be sorted on Google’s end. There’s nothing wrong with your phone, but with the app itself. While this doesn’t get fixed, we’d suggest you install some other alarm app, just so you don’t miss work and other important things in your life. Let’s hope Google will fix this soon.

We’ve actually recently compiled a list of our top 10 favorite / best clock apps for Android. Pretty much every single one of them doubles as an alarm clock, so check out that list if you want. You’ll likely find something you like over there to replace your Google Clock app.