Gmail for Android Updated With 'Improved Search' Filters

Gmail AH NS 08

The Gmail app for Android is now getting an update that significantly enhances the in-app search experience. The Gmail team calls it “improved search,” which is achieved with the help of new filters. Google’s Workspace team announced the feature through a blog post (via 9To5Google).

These all-new search filters will work after you’ve searched for an email or on its own when you tap the search field. Users can look for emails using filters like ‘From,’ ‘Sent To,’ ‘Date,’ ‘Attachment,’ and so on. You can also search for emails from multiple senders with these filters.

The new search filters could take until the end of October to appear on your Gmail app

The Gmail team began the extended rollout for the new search filters on September 20, though it could take until the end of October to reach all devices. Google said these features could be accessed by Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business users.


Google recently updated the Gmail app for Android with Material You elements. In addition to the noticeable UI changes, the app also received a handful of tweaks. With Chat, Spaces, and Meet now included in Gmail, the update was designed to make the options less cumbersome.

Separately, Google introduced a bunch of new colors to the Gmail app in August. The ‘Promotions’ tab would be categorized under green, whereas ‘Social’ was marked under blue. Meanwhile, the bright yellow ‘Updates’ tab switched to orange. This was a server-side update, meaning it didn’t require an app update.

Perhaps the most significant update to the Gmail app this year came in the form of video and voice call support. This was part of Google’s plan to bridge the gap between remote and in-person workers.


The voice and video calling options are first available on one-to-one chats inside the Gmail app. However, the company said it wants to eventually bring it to “all the natural endpoints in Workspace.”

“It’s not quite the same as a spontaneous hallway conversation, but it might be the next best thing in a hybrid setting,” Google said of this feature. The Gmail app has witnessed an evolution over the past several months, and it seems like this is only the tip of the iceberg.