Gambling Market Focuses More On Mobile Players

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Online gambling before the mid-2000 was an activity only on a personal computer. It was so because laptops and desktops offer a superior experience to mobile phones then. Likewise, smartphones were not as versatile as we have them now, neither have they gained enough popularity worldwide.

Online gambling, at the same time, suffers some setbacks because of immobility. That means you can only gamble at a time you are present with your personal computer. The story is now a different one entirely since the inception of mobile phones. Today, the list of top 100 online casinos are platforms that integrate full mobile gaming. That indicates that gambling has become more mobile than PC gaming.

The recent unparalleled growth experienced in the gambling industry can be attributed to mobile gaming. There are many reasons the gambling industry now focuses more on mobile players. The reasons are explained below;



The advantage of smartphones is their portability. You can take your mobile phones along with you wherever you dim fit. This option makes it easy to gamble anywhere—consequently, the gambling platform witnesses more engagements. Players can spend more time gambling on mobile than on PC.

Smartphones gave the gambling Industry the ability to control consumers’ behavior. Gamblers playing time is not restricted to when they are home.


The flexibility of smartphones over personal computers cannot be overemphasized. Android devices are equipped with the ability to optimize different gaming software. The mobile responsive feature is equally an added advantage to the gambling market. Mobile responsive feature allows an Android phone to optimize a gambling website adequately. The optimization is done such that it doesn’t lose out on the features of the websites.


The features also ensure the device maintains the gaming experience. Therefore, regardless of the screen resolution, a gambler can maintain the same gaming experience as a PC.

More playing time

The more a player gambles, the better it is for the gambling company. As such, the gambling market seeks a more active and more prolonged engagement on their platforms. This opportunity they have found in Android devices. Android devices now come with a higher battery capacity of 4000mAh and 5000mAh. This battery capacity can power a phone for an equivalent of 24 hours.

With this long battery life, players have the opportunity to extend their playing time. Consequently, the gambling market benefits from this extension. The charging speed is a complement to this. Android devices with high charging speed and battery capacity is a plus to both gambler and the gambling market.


App optimization

The world is already online. You can do virtually all activities of man online. As a result, the development of applications for most operations is skyrocketing. Online gambling is not only done on websites alone. Gambling platforms now make use of applications for gambling operations.

The strength of smartphones, especially Android, is the ability to optimize all types of apps. It is just as simple as finding the most compatible app with your device. This is better done when you download via the Google play store or other known app stores.

Equally, gambling platforms integrate different third parties. Software developers, payment options, and live chat features can be external apps. Android phones are known to optimize these features without hitches accurately. This is equally an advantage to the market.


The decline in PC usage

The choice of gambling market to focus on mobile device users is not only because of its advantages. The decline in the number of PC users is also a factor. PC usage is deteriorating day by day. This is because a smartphone is capable of performing all actions a PC will perform.

The advancement in the mobile devices industry is in direct competition with the PC market. While Android device users increase, PC users decline. Since You can now perform most PC operations on Android devices, buyers see no need to purchase a PC over a mobile device.

The expected increase in the number of mobile device users

Just as the number of PC users declines, mobile device users are expected to increase. Not only that, statistics show that approximately 6.6 billion people own a smartphone. The number is expected to increase by 3 million annually, according to Statista.com.


Those are favorable statistics for the gambling market. More Android users may mean more customers for the market. Hence, the need for the market to focus more on the target audience.

Multimedia enhancement

The improvements in the multimedia capacity of Android devices cannot be overemphasized. Android devices do not best optimize graphics, audio, and other multimedia content. This is an added advantage to the gambling market. The market aims to give its customers the best gaming experience in online gaming and live games.

This aim can be better achieved when there is a device that can perfectly optimize the content. Since the Android community is meeting such demand, the market has no choice but to shift its focus in that direction.


Finally, if you compare the statistics of PC users to smartphone users, you will realize the decision of the gambling market. Mobile device users are more potential customers and valuable to the gambling market. Hence the shift in concentration. Virtually all online casinos have integrated the mobile responsive gaming website. The market also considers other factors such as battery capacity, multimedia enhancement, and app compatibility.