Galaxy Z Fold 3 Teardown Reveals Secrets Of A Water-Resistant Foldable

Galaxy Z Fold 3 teardown

Samsung has focused heavily on the durability side of things on its latest foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galax Z Flip 3. These are the world’s first foldable smartphones to come with an official IP rating for water resistance. A couple of weeks after their launch, the company released a video where its engineers explain how they made these folding devices water-resistant. Now, Zack Nelson of the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has shown us exactly how the Galaxy Z Fold 3 blocks water from getting inside.

As Samsung engineers explained, each half of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, is water-resistant on its own. Meaning the company has used a combination of rubber gaskets, water-resistant meshes, and some adhesives to block all the openings such as the USB port, microphones, speakers, SIM tray, SIM tray pin, and physical buttons from leaking water. That’s exactly what they do on conventional candybar smartphones.

However, in this case, Samsung needs to connect the two halves as well. And the super complex hinge that does this job needs some space to work. So there was no way the company could block water from getting in there. Instead, what it did is apply an “anti-corrosion solution and lubricant” on the hinge. It protects all electrical components contained in the hinge from water damage and also prevents the hinge from rusting.


Additionally, Samsung has also waterproofed the inner ribbons that connect the boards inside the two halves. It has used rubber gaskets and clear silicone around the openings where the ribbons from the two halves come out and connect via the hinge. This stops water from getting inside either half of the phone.

So while water can still reach the hinge on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it won’t damage any component. Further, water won’t go beyond the hinge, so the boards placed inside either half are protected as well. Kudos to Samsung for making that happen.

There is no official dust protection rating on the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 feature an IPX8 rating. Meaning there’s no official protection against dust. And that’s because there’s no way to prevent dust from getting inside the hinge. While the said “anti-corrosion solution and lubricant” does prevent water damage, it can’t stop dust from accumulating inside. And over time, the accumulated dust can affect the functioning of the hinge.


Samsung has included stiff bristles along the edge of the hinge to keep dust out. However, keep in mind that there’s still no official dust protection rating on its latest foldables.

Anyways, if you can stomach watching an $1800 smartphone being ripped apart without any hesitation, we have attached the video below.